Utter hyperlink to user in Rasa X


I want to send a link to the user that can be clicked. I know that you can simply utter the link as https://www.google.com and it will result in a clickable link. But i have some very long links, which also is not formatted as ‘https://something.com’. So when i tried to send them in Rasa X, those didn’t become clickable link.

I tried dispatcher.utter_message('<a href = "my link"> Link A </a>') but it didn’t work. Can i achieve similar result by some other methods ?


How links are shown depends on your Frontend. Which channel are you using with Rasa?

I’m currently using Rasa X for testing the bot.

Ah, okay. Then please try using markdown syntax for the links: [I'm an inline-style link](https://www.google.com)