Local Rasa X - update project files

I have a conda environment with both rasa and rasa-x installed. I created a basic structure of a bot using rasa init and then fired up rasa-x with rasa x.

Within Rasa X, I see the basics of the bot. If I add a statement and intent to the NLU portion within Rasa-x, my expectation is that the NLU.md file would have been modified, but that is not the case.

Simply, I would have expected that the work/changes that I make within Rasa X to be reflected within my project, but was not the case.

Is it possible that I am not properly understanding how Rasa X works? Are we expected to manually export files and add them to our project?

In case it matters, I started Rasa X at the root of my project, and not a subdirectory as I have seen this come up a few times as a recommended solution.

Hey @Btibert3

Your expectation is correct - local files should have the changes that you do in Rasa X. Could you please give more info of how you’ve deployed Rasa X?

I haven’t tested this in a while, but I follow the documentation on the site. Basic installation, and then rasa x. That’s it.