Kevin Castro joins the Rasa Hero group!

Hey Rasa @community,

We are so excited and proud to welcome Kevin Castro aka @niveK on our forum, to the Rasa Hero group! :rasahero:

He became a Rasa contributor last July, when his first PR was merged adding optional pymongo dependencies for better mongodb support. Since then, he has consistently made high quality contributions to Rasa. From bugfixes, to updating important documentation on the AugmentedMemoizationPolicy and Rasa Shell.

Kevin has even exceeded that by actively supporting our community across various channels. You will find him offering solutions to GitHub issues, forum questions and our Certified Workshops! (he’s also a Rasa Certified Developer :wink: ) When a fellow community member asked if we had any advice on how to maximize the NLU performance of their bot, he responded not just by explaining this, but also creating repo to show this working in action! This is just one example of how Kevin has gone above and beyond to help others - a real community Hero :star_struck:

Thank you, Kevin for supporting our community of makers and very much look forward to collaborating with you in future! :purple_heart:


Congrats @niveK!

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Contgratzz @niveK

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Congrats @niveK!!! Thank you so much for your amazing work

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Congratulations @niveK! :slight_smile:

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Congrats @niveK :partying_face:

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Congrats @niveK. @Emma please can you guide me how i become the part of the #RASA Team .

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