Train Bot using UI

Hi guys, I made my bot using bot framework-node.js and HTTP API’s. I want to train my bot using UI like when I type “Hi” it will type “Hello” and then it will ask the user if response is correct or not if it is correct then it will train it by itself and if response is incorrect then it will ask the user about correct response and get itself intent of user replied response like that happen in terminal when we use python to train model but I want it in UI form through HTTP API.

@akelad @Andrew1 can you help me about this?

i think you are looking for something like that i am also looking for a UI option for training and analysis purpose for my bot

@NikhilBansal21 Is it not something like rasa-nlu-trainer. I want something who can train my bot during conversation on bot framework. Like I type “hi” it will reply with “hello” and then ask if action is correct then we type yes and if we type no then it will ask correct intent or action(reply) and store this converstaion for future training.

Hi @abhishakskilrock,

I think there are two possible solutions for this case:

Take a look at Rasa X:

Since the community edition is not open source, you might want to do it yourself:

There is the interactive mode:

which at the moment relies on the command line. It is actually possible to pipe that to any other platform to achieve the same functionality.

Hi, we have also developed an open source tool (GUI) for training RASA bots. You guys can try it out and suggest any new implementations :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @nishant1712,

It is a great tool, I think rasa-community will like it.

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Hey @abhishakskilrock,

Thank you so much. :slight_smile: Please let me know if you have any feedback.

build pack of angular isnot working though local setup is working fine.