Bot Builder for Rasa 2.0

Hey guys, I want to make a bot builder. Can you help me out?. How do I take the message from the user and add it as an intent. Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated

@afnaan Hello, you can use rasa x (NLU Inbox and NLU Data (Training)) for that, what ever user input or do the conversation; which is not in the trained intent examples or it’s out of scope you can add it as training intent for the same.

@nik202 Can it be used with my custom UI? I just want the end points to which I send the post request of the intents and they are added in the nlu.yml file.

@afnaan What is your Custom UI?

For motivating you: let me tell you one thing, I am using rasawebchat/botfront and my bot is working fine; whatever bot/user conversation I am doing with bot; whilst running rasa x, I can see in rasa x GUI and I can train the model from there itself. I hope you got my point?

@nik202 It is a react.js app with its backend in python. I just want to ask whether the solution you told me will work with it?

@afnaan rasawebchat/botfront also developed based on ReactJs only, so I guess it should work, give it a try.

@nik202 Thankyou for your time and help. I’ll update you if the method you told me works

@nik202 I’ve installed RasaX on my machine but when I try to send it a request from postman I get this error { “reasons”: [ “Auth required.” ], “exception”: “Unauthorized” }

I added the bearer token in the headers as well but still this error is showing. I think we have to change this Access-Control-Allow-Origin http://localhost:5002 to Access-Control-Allow-Origin : * Any idea how we can do this?

@afnaan If you are able to run rasa open source and able to chat with the bot using rasa shell, then it’s fine. If you are able to install rasa x and able to see rasa x on same project then please do let me know? You not need any other things for the same.

@nik202 Can you please address the problem I asked you? I want to send a request from my postman instead of the Rasa-X on the same endpoint that is being used by Rasa-X, but when I do that I get the error that I mentioned above. Rasa and Rasa-X are working fine.

@afnaan Its not related to the problem I guess, I hope you understand that too? If rasa and rasa x are working fine that what I suggested in my solution and the bot builder issue. If you are doing something else apart from that you need to create the new thread or topic for the same.

@afnaan Or if it is related to the issue please elaborate what you are trying to archive or what I am missing in this topic?

@nik202 All I want to do is make the custom UI in react.js like botfront in which user can add intents from the UI. The issue that I am having is I do not know the endpoints to which I have to send the data from the app and they get mapped in the nlu and domain file