Is the rasa gitter chat closed?

when I followed this link and tried to access it, it gave an error message.

404, this is not the chat you are looking for. Sorry:)

Is this normal?

Yes it is. This forum has take the place of Gitter

Hey @lingvisa. Yes, we closed gitter channel last year, based on the community’s feedback that Gitter wasn’t the best platform to ask questions and find information. Forum is now the main platform where you can get help and meet the community. Do you mind sharing where you found the link to old gitter? Just so that we could change/remove it not to confuse people :slight_smile:

Hi, Juste:

Again if i came across the link again when I browse on the website, I will update here. But right now I forget where I found it.

Also, I have to say that i asked a few questions here, and some of them could be very good questions, but none of them have been answered, except that the first one answered by you, and I appreciated that.

I am afraid that lack of answers to questions here will cause the forum to ‘die’ one day or another, and people coming here won’t enjoy a sense of community as some other communities offer. I hate to say this, but it’s just my personal feeling. I love the Rasa libraries and appreciate the great work from the team. I just attempt to understand why the team answer questions less and less.