Is there a rasa slack or discord?

Is there a live community place for real-time chat answers? Is this something people are interested in?

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Hi there @nicholasbulka thanks for getting in touch with us about this. Right now we do not have an area for real-time interaction for our entire community, since we primarily focus on our forum.

However, we would be interested to know from yourself, and other community members that come across this topic, as you mentioned: Is that something you would like to see? Also, what would your preferred platform be?

I would love it; I think it could potentially really help the community. People are more likely to share stories about what’s worked and what hasn’t when the platform is less formal and immortalized. For example, some useful tips that don’t seem “worth it” to post in a forum, might really help someone. I suggest free slack or discord. I can try to spin one up if it’s something people are interested in.

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Hi again @nicholasbulka

Those are some really good points thanks for sharing, also great timing since we are currently doing an evaluation of our community channels to see if there are ways we can optimize them.
From my own past experience, free Slack has a few limitations, and this could be a big downside in terms of scalability for the long-term. Especially in our case, where we have a growing community and we would want to be as inclusive as possible, so would just keep this in mind too.

If it’s something many people are interested in and would find very useful, we should take it into consideration. Although, if you do decide to go ahead and create a channel yourself, I would love to know how it goes and if there is some way we can support you - feel free to get in touch with me. :slight_smile:

I made one, I hope you like it!