Welcome to the Rasa Community

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Welcome to the Rasa Community Forum!

We are happy to welcome you to Rasa Community, a place where makers meet to ask questions, discuss their ideas and help us push the limits of Rasa conversational AI software.

Rasa Community Forum is open for everyone who is building things with Rasa or is just interested in conversational AI field as a whole. Regardless of your background or expertise, on Rasa Community Forum you can get answers to your questions regarding Rasa NLU or Rasa Core, share your ideas and find collaborators for your projects, find useful resources and stay up to date with the latest Rasa updates!

Asking questions/posting

To keep things organised and easy to find, the forum is structured into few main categories:

  • Welcome to the Rasa Community Forum - a place to learn more about Rasa community and community members.
  • Announcements - important updates from Rasa and Rasa events to attend.
  • Rasa Stack - a place to ask questions and have discussions about Rasa Stack, share ideas, talk about your projects, find and share useful resources.

When creating new topics, make sure to assign them to the corresponding category. In addition to this, since Rasa Stack consists of two main frameworks - Rasa NLU and Rasa Core, make sure to assign corresponding tags to your questions. For example, if you are creating a topic with a question ‘What is Rasa NLU?’, you should assign this topic to a category ‘Rasa Stack’ and a tag ‘rasa-nlu’.

Rasa Community Forum is a place to discuss things and we encourage our community members to openly talk about the topics they care. Some of the expectations, suggestions:

  1. Don’t spam. Rasa Community Forum makes it easy to search and archive questions. If you don’t get the answer immediately, give it some time and look through the currently open topics.
  2. Respect others. Be nice and respect the opinions of other people. Be considerate regardless of the background and expertise of the people you are speaking to and treat each discussion as a way to learn something new.
  3. Give back. This is a community driven forum, and people should come here to find the answers to their questions and learn from each other. If someone asks a question you know the answer to or feel curious to find one - don’t be shy and help your fellow Rasa friends!

We are happy to have you in our community!

Best, Rasa

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When to post on Rasa Forum and when to raise an issue on GitHub?

We are super stoked to see the Rasa Community Forum growing fast! :rocket: It’s great to see you all joining the discussions and sharing your knowledge with the community!

Just a quick reminder of what content should go where so that your questions would get answered as quickly as possible:

  • Rasa Community Forum is the place to discuss your projects, ask the community for help when you face technical issues or when you need help with understanding Rasa-specifics better.
  • Rasa NLU and Rasa Core GitHub repositories are the places where you should report bugs and issues which you think Rasa ML engineers should look into more closely. So for example, if you follow the docs and things behave in a different way than it’s described there, then it’s best to let us know about it by raising and issue on GitHub.

We are very happy to have you all in our community! Happy discussing :slight_smile:

Go Rasa! Go community! :heart: