Introduce yourself!

(Jitesh Gaikwad) #142

Hey @balasvasan, Welcome to the world of Rasa…:smiley:

(Ajinkz) #143

(Akshit) #144

Hi Community! I’m Akshit Jain I’m originally from New Delhi, India. I’m currently working as a Data Analyst in a startup in Bangalore. I’m building a Chat Bot which we can integrate with our SFA app so that we can cut our customer support costs and also provide insights to our customers. I like playing snooker, cricket and also Counter-Strike :slight_smile:

(Rajesh sayana) #145

Hello, I am rajesh. I’m a Developer working in TCS, Chennai. Currently, I am working on grooming myself to build my resume strong. Upgrading my technical and interpersonal skills. I did like to make new valuable friends.

(Rui Conti) #146

Hey there! I’m Rui from Brazil

I’m leading a small and beginning team implementing Rasa on a bank. Its main goal is to help: now tech support automating tasks and handling problem support and routing; and later as a more mature solution, to provide support for customers.

It’s only been a few 10 months since first contact with chatbot development and I have to say that I’ve learned a lot through the material and resources provided by Rasa. I’m here to help and seek help as to make the community active and thriving.

Thank you guys :love_you_gesture:

(Saravanan C M) #147

Hi All,

This is Saravanan C M. An exuberant Software Engineer who works in an AI Voice Assistant product called Maya. Previously we planned to use Rasa to train our skills/models and that’s how I came to know about it. I also developed and trained few skills in Rasa while researching about it using it’s NLU platform. I’m just new to open source contributions concept and willing to contribute a lot. Let’s have lots of fun along with the contributions in our community.

Cheers, Saravanan C M

(Sreenivasan Rajagopalan) #148

Hi All,

This is Sreeni Rajagopalan a software developer working in St.Louis MO…We are working on creating a chatbot help for our internal applications and have been playing with rasa. Im a noob in this AI arena and trying to catch up…

Looking forward to learn and contribute,


(Ngọc Tuấn) #149

Hi everyone, I am Ngoc Tuan. I’m a Developer from Vietnam. I have startup use Rasa. I look forward to the Rasa community help. Thank all and happy new year 2019 :raised_back_of_hand:

(Sakth Launda) #150

Hi I am rakesh boobati. I recently started learning ML and NLP. Very glad that I joined RASA. I would love to learn from you people. Thank you.

(Raul Mendoza) #151

Hola, Soy Raul Mendoza. Estoy agradecido de unirme a RASA y espero aprender lo suficiente para mejorar mis habilidades en esta maravillosa comunidad.

(akshay) #152

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(Tatiana Parshina) #153

Hi all, I am Tatiana. I am recently started to work with Rasa NLU to build FAQ chatbot. I am originally from Russia. Lived and worked in India for 2 years before as well.

Feel free to connect to me at LinkedIn ( )

Thank you!

(Andreas Stuber) #154

Hello, Andreas here from . We build a hybrid chat solution that embeds Rasa into a Contactcenter, creating a permanent chat conference between customer, Rasa and Callcenter Agent. We like Rasa because the pure machinelearning approach for conversation has the potential to learn at least partially from real interactions between humans.

I dance Argentine Tango and am Trailrunning - the steeper the mountain here in the Swiss alps, the better.

(:]) #155

I am El. A Django application developer and PyTorch user. I hope Rasa will makes my dream comes true in this year. I love seeing my own computer doing my tasks as I expected or even better than I am.

(Ng Chong Yang) #156

Hi, I am CY from Singapore. I am a novice, and do look forward to learning advanced Conversational AI knowledge from everyone here …