Introduce yourself!

(JG) #122

Hello all ,this is Jitesh,I am Chatbot developer @Conversational Experiences, TCS, India.i have worked on Amazon Alexa,Lex & Microsoft Botframework & LUIS in NodeJS & Python languages for past one year.I have been working on RASA chatbot framework for past one month,i am still exploring it.whatever i learnt i am creating the videos of it and sharing it,i would love to contribute my knowledge and learn more on, Thanks RASA!!!:blush::grinning:



(René Straub) #124

Hello everyone, I´m René from Nuremberg (Germany). I have a “traditional” computer science background but shifted towards developing voice bots. After testing a couple of other frameworks we decided to use RASA as it provides us a flexible way to handle dialogues.

(Deepak Rastogi) #125

Hi, My Name is Deepak . I am new to RASA and is learning. I might be asking question in this form . Thanks for support.

Happy learning!!

Regards Deepak

(Miguel Lahoz Muñoz) #126

Hi all! I’m Miguel from Spain. I’m working with ChatBots, and want to learn more about RASA.



Hi All,

I have just joined rasa community today.

I am Dev Tools support profile and just got an assignment from my PM to develop chatbot using rasa.

I hope with your help I shall be able to make it soon.

Please share with me any resources that you found useful.

  • Nitin J

(JG) #128

hey @rasalearner welcome to RASA…

(JG) #129

@rasalearner you can watch the videos for setup…


thanks @JiteshGaikwad this was very useful to start with. Do you also have UI code link where you have developed widget for chat in last step. Also would like to connect with you offline too.

(nabti chemseddine) #131

Hey guys! I’am chemseddine nabti a research offcier in a small company in France. I have a phd in computer science. I’am a beginner data scientist and I’am trying now to use rasa for my projects to develop a chatbot. Will need some help and for sure help as much as I can.

Thank you for adding me

(Jens Dahl Møllerhøj) #132

Hi, I’m Jens!

I train language models for a bunch of different smaller languages.

I’ve justed trained new spacy models for Swedish and Vietnamese. Get a language model for your native language at :slight_smile:

(Thomas Hesse) #133

Hey there! My Name is Thomas Hesse and I’m a graduated CS M.Sc. currently working in technical consulting and living in Germany. I worked a lot with machine learning during my study days and from time to time do some hobby projects with machine learning. So far I have used statistical methods in robotics and brain-computer interfaces (with real world platforms).

In my free time I love to promenade through forests in germany or to travel. :slight_smile: I’m always up for a tasty beer :beer: or coffee :coffee: :wink:

(JG) #134

hey @rasalearner sorry for the late reply, i will upload the video for UI soon :wink:

(Mauricio Ribeiro) #135

Hi, I’m Mauricio, Machine Learning developer in an Brazilian startup called Justto. I’ve worked with NLP for last two years building projects to understand entities and how humans can negotiate in juridical disputes. We’re still working hard on it (by the way, there are a lot of work to do in NLP for Portuguese language).

Feel free to contact me to exchange knowledge about NLP. Let’s grow the community!


(Kelvin Chua) #136

Hi everyone, I am Kelvin from Malaysia and have been playing around with RASA CORE and NLU with FB Messenger!

(Yang Ren) #137

Hi all, I am David, a technical support manager in ActiveNetwork. I am preparing to build a chatbot to serve my customers. I hope Rasa can help me.

(Lucas Jans) #138

Hi @vnnvanhuong and @MinhMinnie - I am also based in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh. Would love to see what you guys are doing with RASA

(Simon) #139

Hi everyone, I’m Simon, I’ve been working on data products for the past three years and for the past two years I was leading a small data team for a US-based startup in San Francisco.

However, I moved back to Berlin a while ago to finish my Master’s degree. I’m currently working on my thesis (a chatbot for a Berlin startup) and that’s how I found out about Rasa roughly 2 months ago.

Have been contributing to rasa_core for the past couple of weeks and other than that I’m preparing for my one-year bike trip around the globe starting early 2019 :slight_smile:

Happy to see Rasa and this community grow!

(Susheelks) #140

Hello folks, I am a Search guy and recently started looking into RASA for doing something with NLU, so looking forward to make some progress

(Balaji Srinivasan) #141

Hello RASA Community. This is Balaji, based in Dallas TX. Nice to meet you all. I am a big data analytics/Hadoop guy and exploring the exciting world of conversational bots. Making good progress in learning and truly excited about RASA. Looking forward to working with the community on my learning and give back to the community where ever i can. Open Source Rocks!