Introduce yourself!

(Shenaimm) #163

Hey I am Milan. I work in a sales intelligence startup in Bangalore. I am using RASA to build a chatbot which will be used for customer support, LMS and also an interface for search to give the best 2 -5 results. This will be deployed at a large scale to more than 100k users per day! I hope I have made a good choice in terms of rasa!


(Angel Salamanca) #164

HI everyone, the name is Ángel and I have been working for the last year in natural language processing at algonew after many years in building decision support systems for banks and other lenders


(Adrish) #165

Hi, I am a final year student in India. I’m trying to build an AI powered chatbot and I stumbled across rasa among the possible options(DialogFlow, Lex et al) ended up choosing Rasa because of the customizing options it offers. I enjoy a game of football or ping-pong. I’m looking forward to all the help and learning that I can get out of this community.

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(Zakiiki Wesley) #166

Hie there, Wesley here, aspiring Rasa Stack geek. Happy to be here. Thanks everyone


(SSS) #167

Hi, I am Shailesh Sarda working as a Jr Data Scientist from Pune, India. 1st time I heard about RASA on you own blog. I am trying to build a customised conversational chatbot using RASA. Its been a nice experience to working on RASA. I would like to build a rich conversational chatbot. I fall so many times to achieve something on RASA but now i have learned lot from RASA. I have tried few more other frameworks too but I feel RASA is the best now a days!



(Adrian Kuma) #168

Hi, I’m Adrian. Node.js dev from Poland. I’ve started to use RASA few weeks ago and feel excited about that :slight_smile:


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(Karan Verma) #169

Hi, my name is Karan Verma. I’m Graduate CS Engineer from Jalandhar, India. Rasa is looking out to be an awesome platform that allows us to keep our private information. Looking forward to learn more about it and to contribute in Rasa :slight_smile:

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(Varsha Kirani) #170

Hello All, I am Varsha. I just started as a community engineer in Rasa. I work on maintaining the developer’s relationships in Rasa world. I enjoy coding and always eager to know more about machine learning models. I would love to here about any kind of feedbacks both technical and non-technical aspects of Rasa :slightly_smiling_face: :relaxed:

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(Sandeep Kumar Sahoo) #171

Hi All, I am sandeep from Bengaluru,India. Working in a American product base company as a SE. 2-3 months back there was a requirement for automating some of the user’s messages(sms,email,voice) like greeting, subscription,unsubscription etc. . We took it as a challenge and started doing POC using RASA to tackle this issue. We are successfully showed a demo to our higher management. Very soon we are going to start working on RASA Stack. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love coding and really passionate about it. Love travelling, playing cricket and pc games. Im very new to this AI n ML world and want to start my career as a ML Eng. Would love to hear some suggestions from you all guys. Thanks. sandeep 9986560552



Hi everyone! I´m Humberto Aranha from Brazil, co-founder of a AI, ML services firm. We are currently learning Rasa in order to being capable of developing chatbots and voice assistants.



(Lohitk27) #173

Hey Team , Well I’m Lohit from India , Working as Consultant my daily life goes as I used to deal with data regular building an ML algorithms and Deployment . Currently , I Started working on Chat Bot Application for sake of customer desk. So ,Need Any of mate in forum to help me out with rasa to run successfully.


(Yan Virin) #174


my name is Yan Virin, I am a data scientist from California!

I am working on conversational agents right now and using rasa stack to that end. Very excited about the prospects of this endeavor and to be able to contribute to the community!


(Arghya Ganguly) #175


I am Arghya from India, currently building a conversational agent using Rasa stack. Being a data scientist having 3+ years of experience in the industry, I am passionate about how ml,dl and rl can make the data dance and thus improve existing systems while innovating new ones.

I am thankful to each member of this community and looking forward to learn,contribute and grow along!


(goforheart) #176

Hello. I’m mantigames. I’m a gamer. I care about Rasa community. Love to be here.

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(Remy Reurling) #177

Hiya everyone,

I’m Remy and I work at Helpr (only in dutch, I’m sorry!). We design chatbots to help students aged 12-18 study their homework. We’re using the RASA framework to do so!

Expect a lot of questions from me since I have the feeling we’ll be pushing the limits of chatbot possibilities a lot. We’ll have to cram the whole educational curriculum for school subjects into one bot. That’ll be a blast!


(Pradeep Kumar) #178


my name is Pradeep Kumar Kushwaha, I am Engineering Manager at a reputed organisation from Gurgaon,India!

I am working on conversational agents right now and using rasa stack to that end. Very excited about the prospects of this endeavour and to be able to contribute to the community!


(Dhruman Bhadeshiya) #179

Hello all, great to join this amazing community here. I am working with a Startup specialized in the Robotic Process Automation. We build all kind of automation stuff + build conversational interfaces for them using chatbots and/or voice bots.

Looking forward to amazing community!!


(Rafael Alcalde) #180

Hi There! I’m building several smart bots using Rasa and managing a team who is learning how to create a smart chatbot. We are Qrowd Makers and we are based in Madrid, Spain.


(Hemamalini) #181

Hi I am Hema. Exploring Rasa to build a chatbot which needs to be integrated with RPA.Looking forward !!

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(Prashant Ramesh Kamble) #182

Hi, I’ am Prashant working as a Software Engineer. Currently I am moving to AI domain by starting into chatbots. And I am very new to chatbot, so I am trying to build one simple chatbot using rasa stack for my organization to give them a overview of rasa platform. And I heard about rasa from one of my friend that it’s good platform to start with so I hope all community members will help me out with this.

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