Introduce yourself!

Come to say hi and tell a little bit about yourself.

We would love to know you better! Who are you? What do you do? What do you care about? Where did you hear about Rasa? What are you building or would like to build?

Feel free to keep it as short or as long as you like. We would love to hear from you! :wink:


I will kick this one off :slight_smile:

I am Juste (at some places you can also see my name written as Justina), a Developer Advocate at Rasa. My main mission is to make sure that developers have the best experience when using Rasa software, so I focus on developer education and growth of Rasa open source community. Before joining Rasa I used Rasa Stack as a developer - built some bots with it and made some educational content contributions.

I love seeing people building cool things and helping them overcome the obstacles they have, so always feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions or issues with Rasa Stack or anything else you think I could help! :wink:


I’m Alex, one of co-founders and CEO of Rasa. Also excited to hear from you and learn about what chatbots and assistants our community is building! Outside of Rasa, I love great coffee (especially hand-brewed, fruity filter coffee) and travelling. :slight_smile:


Hi there, I’m Linda, Rasa’s Head of Operations. I work on things like Rasa’s internal processes, our culture,… I’m excited to learn about your projects and about your successes and challenges with Rasa.

I’m based in Berlin but I have lived in different cities in Germany, in Prague and in Ottawa and like Alex, I love traveling and to explore new places. I also read a lot and I’m always happy about recommendations for good books :slight_smile:


Greetings! I am Audun. I’m studying for a master’s degree in media and interaction design at the University of Bergen, Norway. I enjoy exploring all kinds of new technology, and this summer I’m trying to learn how to use Rasa Stack. First time I heard about Rasa, was at the “mcb tech .18” conference in Media City Bergen. I want to use the Rasa technology to build great community service chatbots.

Besides chatbots, I’m especially interested in projects involving VR, AR, Raspberry Pi, OpenCV, and 3D printing. I also enjoy being outdoors, hiking in the mountains :slight_smile:


Hi all! I’m Akela, an ML Engineer at Rasa. I work a lot on the Rasa Stack, some research, our enterprise product and also our customers. Some of you may know me from Github/Gitter answering a lot of your questions :smiley: I’m excited to hear more from all of you!

I’m also based in Berlin, but have lived in a lot of different cities in Europe too. I’m super into trance music, food and travelling


Hi Everyone! I am Palash. I am an ML engineer at a consultancy firm at Pune, India. I started working on Rasa stack to replace the LUIS based bot used by my company and then I got hooked up. Most of my time is spent on learning new technologies and watching random science videos on youtube. Some of my favorite Youtube channels are Mark Rober, Cody’sLab, SmarterEveryDay, Vsauce, Veritasium, Physics Girl and many more. My goal is to have an impact on society through revolutionary innovation (pocket size nuclear fusion reactor like revolutionary :wink:) and eat chicken Momos(South Asian dumpling).


Hi this is Nahid. I am a Software Engineer leading the creation of a customer service chatbot at Cisco.

My mission - automate the heck out of everything! I am intrigued by the challenges of conversational AI/NLP. Feel free to connect to me at LinkedIn (


Hi guys!

I am Software Engineer from India, I have been working on Chat bot’s for about 1 year in which i have started with Dialogflow , Watson and the Rasa stack. I have been working on rasa chat bot for about 6 months and now i want to explore every thing related to ML and python . and all thanks to Rasa community for that. I was never been that curious before getting into Rasa.& i hope people here will help me in becoming a pro in ML like they help us with our problems relating to Rasa!


Hi All, I’m a developer from Denmark, making automation for public service and smart city initiatives at the municipality of Aarhus. Rasa is looking out to be an anwesome platform since it is open source and allows us to keep our private information.


Hey there, I’m Alex, I’m working as a R&D engineer in a research center in Belgium (Multitel). I’ve been working for 7 years as a speech processing engineer (recognition and enhancement). I also worked in other fields like biomedical signal processing and image processing. I discovered RASA 6 months ago and I really enjoy it! It is the best way to design an assistant where Internet is a restricted resource (my main specification). In my spare time, I play Rugby and love playing competitive video games! See you soon on the chat …


Hello, I am Souvik, currently working in Belgium for a financial institution. Me and my team have been working on Rasa for past 6 months. However I have been dwelling into ML practices for past 1,5 years. Worked before on LUIS, Dialogflow and Watson.

Love cooking and traveling across Europe. Lived in Paris for 2 years before as well.

Enjoying the beautiful summer for now



Hi I am Alvaro, I am from Spain and I am currently develpoing an interactive bot mixed with some nueral network models for my end of degree project in Computer Engineering in Zaragoza. I am working in the Technologic Institute of Aragon.

I got interested in these kind of bot stuff due to some papers I read about Question answering then I my boss found Rasa and challenged me to implement the bot using Rasa so here I am.

I love hanging out with my friends, the Autumn, watching series and movies and of course having a fun time coding and getting as much knowledge as I can in Computer Science

Cheers to everyone and welcome



I am Geo Jolly, Centrale Suplec Paris Graduate. My work focus on Business Intelligence and Data Science.

I have been using Rasa for a year ! I began with a banking use case and now I have developed a chatbot product for a hospitality company in Europe for a very interesting usecase !

Present work: Integration of RASA with Amazon Alexa, A NLU Generation Tool (inspired by a RASA Competitor), GANs


Hi this is Xiaoquan Kong. I am a Machine Learning Engineer who focus on chat-bot, work in ALIBABA group and I am from China.


Hello! I am Huong, a developer at ubitec, Vietnam. My team has been using Rasa NLU and Rasa Core for some months to build a chatbot to make banking easier! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!

I am Ignacy and I am from Poland. I would like to create first chatbot in polish based on Rasa NLU & Core :slight_smile: That is why I am so interested in Rasa :slight_smile: I am working in Polish AI startup ( ) and I am only 3 months in the IT business. Mainly I am trying to connect my bots with messenger. Please, let me help build a bot in Rasa :slight_smile: ! Thanks for everything!

Hope to know you all! Cheers!