Introduce yourself!

(Mangouste) #22

Hi ! I’m antoinecomp from London ! I’m an assistant researcher at Queen Mary University ! I’m working on Open Domain Question Answering such as DrQA developed by Facebook research team. I’m trying to make DrQA, or a strongly lighter version of it, a service of a Rasa Chatbot so at the end the bot would be able to answer any question ^^

I’m looking to help on Rasa issues one hour a day, as a university project for MSc dissertation.

Feel free to reach me out ! I’m looking for job in October. I would prefer to stay in UK or Canada but I’ve never been to Berlin :wink:

(André) #23

Hi there. My name is André and I recently started my career in the world of machine learning. I’m currently exploring the possibilities with RASA in creating an assistant. The goal is to make it voice assistant, but first things first and that is text based.

Thank you for the amazing tutorials to give my adventure a kickstart! Looking forward to connect with you guys and eventually help the community :slight_smile:

(Alan Nichol) #24

Hi! I’m Alan, one of the co-founders and the CTO of Rasa. Great to have so many of you here! I’m looking forward to seeing all the awesome discussions in here :slight_smile:

(Prashant Garg) #25

Hi , I am Prashant Garg. I am Masters student at Arizona State University. I am interested in Natural language processing and looking forward to contribute in RASA.

(Leo) #26

Hi, I am Leo, working at a AI-enabled application startup in the United States. Have only been using RASA for the last 4 months, but it’s proving to be very interesting and powerful. Looking forward to collaborating and contributing to the discussions.

(Venkatesh Rathod) #27

Hi, I’m Venkatesh, a Machine Learning practitioner has been working with RASA stack from August 2017. Building bots with context-aware dialogue handling open source tools provided by RASA.

Interested in ML & NLP. Looking forward to collaborating and contribute.

Cheers :bangbang:

(Nathan Stratton) #28

Hello, I am Nathan, CTO of Vocinity a startup in the US focused on bringing NLP and ML to IVR systems. I have been working with rasa for just over a year now and I can say it has come a long way. My team is looking to not only use rasa-nlu and core, but also plan contributing as much as we can back to the project.

(shashi) #29

Hi There! Would like to connect!

(shashi) #30

Hello, I am Nath (without ‘a’:slight_smile: ) Happy to read many enthusiasts and I feel I want everything that everyone has already put up here.

Nathan - I will be happy to connect and see if we can co-manage this project together,

Look forward to talk to you sometime…

Hello All !! Rgds

(Alan Nichol) #31

Hi nathan! that sounds really exciting - Looking forward to your contributions as well :slight_smile:

(Noarah Khalfallah) #32

Hi, I’m Noarah I’m a software developer, I use RASA to build a chatbot for my graduation project, I’m interesting on software, AI, ML and Bots.

(Rajat Paliwal) #33

Hi everyone, I am Rajat Paliwal.

I am working as a Data Scientist in a startup. I was working on one of the projects and came across Rasa. I love its’s simplicity and well written code. I am going to use this to teach kids about chatbots and how AI works in real time.

(Juste) #34

Hey @RAJAT_PALIWAL, this sounds super exciting! I would love to learn more about your plans to use Rasa for teaching kids about chatbots and AI! Are you running a course or a school for kids already? :slight_smile:

(Samuel Gaus) #35

Hey! I’m Sam and I’m a full-stack developer at Rasa working primarily on the Rasa enterprise platform. I grew up in London but now live in Edinburgh.

I’m also into hiking, learning Yiddish, politics and consuming food.

(Martin Novak) #36

Hi, I am Martin. I am a manager at work and a developer at heart. I was born in Czech Republic, EU, I ve lived in Austin, Texas for the past two years and I am moving to Auckland, New Zealand in couple weeks. I’ve always been great AI enthusiast and after trying some online chatbot services I wanted to get my hand dirty by working more low level directly in python and so I found Rasa. My goal is to build my own home AI replacing Siri, Ok Google and Alexa.

(Alan Nichol) #37

Hi Martin, that’s awesome!

By the way have you seen this post? might be interesting for your project

(Max ) #38

hey there! My name is Max and I’m currently writing my bachelor thesis about chatbots and AI related stuff. I’m using rasa to show how these two topics work together and what to expect. So I’m also currently getting my hands durty hoping for some cool outcomes :slight_smile:

(Kapilkathuria) #39

@RAJAT_PALIWAL quite keen to hear your plans for teaching kids. let’s connect on LinkedIn:

(马健) #40

Hi,Can I have a contact? I have been paying attention to rasa for a long time and finally saw my compatriots.My QQ 1073521013,Thank you

(Xiaoquan Kong) #41

Sure, I will add you as a QQ friend.