Introduce yourself!

(Anil Lg) #42

Hi Everyone! I am Anil. I am doing ML engineer intern at a consultancy firm at Pune, India. Recently I completed engineering and started internship. I am learning some new things about Rasa and ML everyday. Most of things am learning from online learning platform as well as started reading Rasa Docs and Python for Data Analysis, 2nd Edition. Some of my favorite online learning platform are Coursera, DataCamp, Udacity and Edureka. My dream is to became an interpreneur and I want learn all card games.:wink:

(Jean Metz) #43

Hello Rasa community! I’m Jean Metz, a Brazilian living in Belgium and working with machine learning :slight_smile: More specifically one of my current projects is related to conversational AI and we are using Rasa to build our chatbots. A quick description of my professional background: I hold a Bachelor, Master and PhD in in Computer Science, always focusing on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I have a few years of experience working as a software engineer and also as a University Lecturer back in Brazil. I hope I can learn a lot from the interaction with the community and also contribute with my expertise. You are welcome to reach me out via social networks or over here at the Rasa forum. My personal webpage is

(Joshua) #44

Hello all! My name is Joshua King. I’m a senior consultant/developer with a company named UDig out of Richmond VA. I’ve just recently traversed into the machine learning, speech arena. I’m currently working on a Speech Recognition platform using Deepspeech and Rasa. Rasa is a very awesome platform.

(Hadil G Sabbagh, Ph D ) #45

Hello everyone! I am Hadil Sabbagh. I am a co-founder of XEIA, PBC in Phoenix Arizona. We are an AI-focused startup and I am working on developing chatbots for our primary product, Desktop Autopilot. I have a BA, MS in Applied Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

(Alan Nichol) #46

that sounds like an exciting and ambitious project!

(Minh Phuong) #47

Hello to my compatriot.

(Udhaya Prabakaran) #48

I am Udhay and I am from India. I am working for a German Product Based Oraganization. Building a chat-bot using RASA NLU for infrastructure automation. So many clarifications required for me. Thanks for RASA to create a forum like this. I hope I will build a better bot :wink: Thank You! :slight_smile:

(Guilherme Bruno) #49

Hi! I’m Guilherme, a web developer from a little island on Brazil!

I develop since age 13 and am joining on the AI world now as it is my first assignment task at a new internship! i’m a fast learner, so I hope to learn a lot with all of you guys and give back to the community!

(Kapilkathuria) #50

which organization? I would like to see demo (and use in our organization if suitable) of infrastructure automation using chatbot whenever that is available.

(Srikar Vuppalanchi) #51

Hello, I’m Srikar from India. I recently started developing a chat bot for the company that I’m working for. After searching a lot, I found RASA to be the best. I still don’t know a lot of things yet but I’m learning slowly. I hope to find help in this forum! Thanks!

(Udhaya Prabakaran) #52

Yes sure… My bot is at initial stage, need to update with more use cases and training data. Need to add RASA core to it(I am working on it).

Thank You!

(Tobias Schmitt) #53

Hi, I’m Tobias. I am using RASA Core and NLU to create a chatbot as part of my master thesis at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology. As I am relatively new in the area of chatbot development and AI I hope to get useful insights that will help me in developing my own Bot. The chatbot I am developing is supposed to answer questions about the curriculum of the study program of my faculty (Industrial Engineering and Management). I’ve already built a prototype and am working on expanding the functionality right now, improve the conversational flow, entity extraction and generating suitable training data for my bot. Also, I would like to implement an end-to-end bot for handling chitchat, but as my bot has to be German I have some issues in finding a good corpus with conversations in German. If you know one or would like to learn more about my research please let me know:) Cheers, Tobias

(Rahul Kumar) #54

Hi Nikhil,

My name is rahul and i just started working on Rasa stack , as i saw you are already working on it from last six months. So i think you can help me out with some silly questions . My questions are listed below :

  1. Can we integrate Microsoft Sql with Rasa to fetch the response from database?
  2. Is it support Linux/Unix?
  3. How difficult to integrate the rasa chatbot on my website?


(Rahul Kumar) #55

Hi Alan,

My name is rahul and i just started working on Rasa stack , i think you can help me out with some silly questions . My questions are listed below :

  1. Can we integrate Microsoft Sql with Rasa to fetch the response from database?
  2. Is it support Linux/Unix?
  3. How difficult to integrate the rasa chatbot on my website?


(Monracer Dkhilali) #56

Hello Rasa community,

I am Montacer Dkhilali, chatbots developer in Satoripop - Tunisia, I have a Professional Master’s degree in Computer Science. I am a professional painter and drawer, also, I am a first aider and volunteer in the Tunisian Red Crescent :smiley:

I used Unity3D for developing an Augmented Reality app for my graduation project, and now I am discovering Rasa for building chatbots.

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Alan Nichol) #57

Hi Rahul,

Yes, you can! the easiest way is to create a custom action which fetches data from your database :slight_smile:

you can then return the important info as SlotSet events


(Andrew) #58

Hi, I’m Andrew. I have a company in Australia building bots for enterprise. I have a small team of devs and we currently build bots using other third party tools. I’m looking to build out my own platform using Rasa so that I can offer better security and privacy standards to my clients. Always on the look out for good devs, so feel reach out to me :slight_smile:

(Rahul Kumar) #59

Thanks Alan , i really appreciate your help . And one more help i need , Is there any video tutorial or training document available for learning if yes then please let me know, i will be very thankful for this.

Thanks .

(Lakshman Karthik) #60

I’m Lakshman, CTO of Hashh Automations. We build IoT solutions for homes and we are currently working on building a bot that could help our clients control their appliances and assist them.

(Soumya Muherjee) #61

I am Soumya (people call me sam) from Mumbai , I am a developer / tester / writer primarily with Python, Java, React, NodeJs actually whatever fits best. I was a co-founder of couple of companies before and I do mentor a lot of folks and encourage, love people to create awesome things.

I have started using RASA some months before and I am truly in love with it. I want to focus on developer education and grow rasa in open source community as this is indeed best and people should know and learn about it. I am currently making couple of bots and also a platform to ease out Rasa usage and I am making if free for Rasa community folks. should be up by dec 2018. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

One more thing, some of the generic bots that I have made with Rasa, i am making it open source so that anyone want to see how it can be made can visit and start working.