Influencing dialogue flow based on slot value

I have a few questions regarding the slot types. The objective of my bot is to make treatment plans for the clients. Depending on the treatment they want, the bot should ask the set of questions related to that treatment.

How can i make this possible? The slot value of treatment should influence the set of questions to be asked in the conversation.

To achieve this, is it correct to assign the slot type of the entity treatment_name as bool, categorical, or list? But to use categorical type, the list of treatment names is long. Could someone suggest what to do.

Thanks in advance.

You could also get away with using Forms to accomplish this, I would read up on them at Forms and see if that works, you could also use the slot way with a custom action server perhaps but I think Forms will be the best approach here.

Read over that and let me know if you have follow up questions or if that wouldn’t resolve your potential issue, I think it will.

I have a question that I post couple days ago that perhaps you could answer as well @btotharye. Similar vein to this question. Categorical slots useage

@sameera I would be very curious to know the direction you decide, I’m using slots at the moment but the idea of Forms had crossed my mind.

Yea @andrew.tangowork I’ll take a look at it, might take me a few days to respond but I’ll get you answered.

Thanks, I will go through it and get back.

I have gone through forms , but I still have some doubts. What I need to achieve is a little different. Through forms I can do slot filling. But I need the bot to ask a different set of questions for the treatment it identifies. For example look at the picture below, each treatment needs a set of questions to be answered. How can I do this?

And what policies should I use for this case?

any reason why you couldn’t use a custom action with this and based on the slot values you give your different responses? You can have the utterances in the templates section of the domain and reference them in the custom action server based on slot.

Is it possible to iterate through a set of questions through custom actions because I need to wait for user response and then ask next question.

I think with using Forms along with the custom actions, you should be able to accomplish what you want.

Could you please give me a basic idea of how to do this with forms and custom actions, I am not getting a clear picture.

Is it not possible to do this with slots(type categorical or bool)? Once the treatment is identified, can the bot learn which questions to ask?