What slots DO influence the conversation?

In the docs it says that, if I want the VALUE of the slot influence the conversation, I should use the categorical. Right after it says that there’s also other types of slot one can use.

Does that mean categorical slots are the Only ones where the value does influence it or are there any other slot types? Take for example a list slot. What Does influence the conversation? That it exists? Is not empty? Have a certain length? First value in the list?

This should be stated in the docs and explained in more detail (if the answer is known?).

Per doc: Using Slots If the value of the slot is important to influence the story then use the Categorical one. If you choose TEXT then Rasa will check only if it has value or not. So the effect of that is same as boolean. Same for other non categorical type. Rasa only checks if it has value or not.

Alright, thanks. @naoko