Utterance based on slot value


I am looking for a way in which the bot can utter option1 or oprtion2 based on slot value. For example- me: Which are my top 5 products[slot =product] (want bot to say): Would you like them by stores?

Case 2: me: Which are my top 5 stores[slot=store] (want bot to say): Would you like them by products?

I guess the naive way is to create stories of the above types. But is there a better way where the bot can decide on the utterance based on slot value?

Thank you, Shruti

Hi, I would say this is not the naive way, but the ONLY way :slight_smile: If you create enough example stories with differing slot values leading to different bot actions, eventually your dialog model will learn the difference. Might take quite a bit of training data before this starts to work reliably though.

Thanks John for the candid reply :slight_smile: