One intent and multiple categorical slots

Greetings community. I would like to get some advice for what i’m trying to do here.

I want my bot to execute an “action” over a certain “object”. For example, “insert a new ticket” where “insert” and "ticket” are categorical slots, each one with multiple possible values and influence_conversation set to true. Depending on the entities extracted and slot sets, I will activate a form specific for that combination of values.

I’ve merged all into a single intent

- intent: ask_action_object
  examples: |
      - (insert)[action] a new (ticket)[object]
      - (delete)[action] a (story)[object]
    type: categorical
    influence_conversation: true
    - insert
    - delete 
    - modify
    - show 
    type: categorical
    influence_conversation: true
    - ticket
    - story
    - activity 
    - list

The problem is that I can have a reasonable number of actions and objects, therefore I think I will need to write a story for every possible combination. Is there another way to implement this?

Hi @felipemcg!

I am just suggesting you, for your use case as I not implement it before ok, so please.

Currenlty, you have two slots as I can see action and objects with type categorical, if in story we can use slot_was_set and we fetch the slot values from actions as we need to use return function as SlotSet and then we write the one story? Will it will solve our purpose?

Hello nik! thanks for your suggestion. Could you elaborate a little bit more on that idea? It’s not very clear to me