I got an error while installing Rasa windows10 64bit

I’ve attached the error please help ASAP!

Hey @aashitgarodia, u r facing this error due to visual studio build tools are missing, check this video it will help you:


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I did as you said and now I got this error, PLEASE HELP! @JiteshGaikwad

You left off the last character from the link in your command.

My bad sorry for such a silly mistake, Please look into this one! I used: pip install rasa-x -i Simple Index
(extra -i) because command line mentioned to use it(refer my last reply image)
Now everything is working fine but I’m still worried about these three things:
1.(some tensorboard error)

so should I use: python -m pip install --upgrade setuptools==41.0.0 ?
2. Should I worry about this future warning?
3. After running rasa shell I get these exception:

You can prevent those errors appearing after every input into the bot by extending the command you run it with this way: rasa shell --cors '*'

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