Issue with installing rasa x in windows 10

Hi, I’m facing an issue while installing Rasa x in my system. while I initiate the installation. My installation not proceeding after " Sanic_Cors". I tried thrice but still, I’m facing this. please take a look into it.

thanks :slight_smile:

This is a problem with Pip. Use the following:

pip install rasa rasa-x --extra-index-url --use-deprecated=legacy-resolver
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@ChrisRahme thank you so much for the quick response. i install Rasa x . but while i run rasa x its throwing error in the Rasa X page. look below image

errror message on terminal.

Yeah that’s a common error… I know it’s wrong to ignore them, but I get it too and it still works.

I just sometimes gotta reload the Rasa X page.

Hi, thanks I fixed the issue. it was due to my ujson,sqlalchemy version dependency issue. now it’s working.

thank you :slight_smile:

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