How to write a action server in C# for rasa?

I’m planning to write an action server in C#. But I couldn’t find any documentation for the action server API. Please let me know what is the easiest way to get this thing done.

Hi @Lahirupc. You can execute custom actions through the API if you have your application in C#. Here is some documentation on that. Let me know if it’s what you are after

Hi @Juste, I’m looking for this:

You can create an action server in node.js, .NET, java, or any other language and define your actions there - but we provide a small python SDK to make development there even easier.

(quoted from rasa docs)

I have a similar query, can someone help here please ? I want to write an action server in C# or Java

I am also looking for a more detailed guide on how to write an action server that is in C#. The link to the documentation leads to the tracker stores which doesn’t really solve my issue. How can I use the Rasa SDK in C#?