Can I create action server with Node.js language?

Presently I am adding custom action in and enabling below endpoint in endpoints.yml. action_endpoint:

url: “http://localhost:5055/webhook

Can I give my node.js API endpoint to handle custom actions?

Ex: url: “http://localhost:5055/mynodeapi

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Yes, you can, but you would have to re-write the action server in node.js. Check this thread for some resources on that: How to handle FormAction using action server?

Thank you, I am able to create Node action server. Do we have RASA-SDK npm package for Node.js same like Python?

No - the action server is what the rasa-sdk is.

@aramu4509 If you develop or find a Node.js action server, we would be very interested to implement this in our project.

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Hi @akelad,

where I can find the full RASA documentation describing how to integrate an action server using an external server / language?

I’m confused reading Actions and HTTP API

I do not understand which is the correct endpoint and the required API parameters. An example in documentation could help a lot all developers that as me want to integrate RASA not in python!

Thanks giorgio


A first solution: