How to create custom actions with Java language?


I am adding a chat bot to my existing website (using java as the back end). I have trained the nlu and core. Now, I am trying creating a custom action with Java language. However, I can’t find the detailed tutorial.

Here are the things I can find now: This is the tutorial about custom action. It says that I can do it with other language but it doesn’t tell about HOW. This is the introduction about rasa http request (to run an action in a conversation), but only a little information (Actually I can’t understand it well…)

Can anyone tell me where can I find some useful tutorials fitting for people who are new to rasa and web projects? Any help will be appreciated!! Thanks!!

Hi @CathyWang53! Have you looked into using the Action Server at all? Using a REST API to integrate with your backend might be a good option. This forum post and the links in the replies explains it more. Please let me know if you would not want to go this route

Hi, Ty! I would check it, thanks a lot!

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Awesome. Glad I was able to help!