RASA custom action - using Java/C#

Hi, Document says -

You can create an action server in node.js, .NET, java, or any other language and define your actions there - but we provide a small python SDK to make development there even easier.

Can someone please further elaborate on this and share a sample ? I would like to preferably code an action server in C#/java



The action server is a rest service that responds to the calls made by Rasa Core. You tell the core where to find your service via the endpoints.yml config file. The setting most used is this:

  url: "http://localhost:5055/webhook"

You would setup a REST server in C# or Java and it needs to respond to the endpoints that Rasa will call.

There’s documentation on Core’s request to the action server here.

If you want to implement forms, please note the recent discussion here

Thanks, How will C# or Java handle the input and dispatch ? Ex: Tracker and Dispatcher

Got it - How to handle FormAction using action server?