Can we run Rasa Server not on python

HI All, I am new to RASA and i was wondering if we can run Rasa server on C# or java ? I understand currently its running on Python only. (correct me if i am wrong)

It’s open source so feel free to adapt it to your needs

Everything needed to interact with rasa can happen over the HTTP API (we don’t recommend interacting with the python code directly in general), you can create an API wrapper from any language!

But i would still have to run Rasa server somewhere right? and i was wondering if i can make it run on C#

I mean you still have to run it, but it’s just a sanic (basically async flask) app, so you don’t have to interact with the python code. What are you trying to achieve?

So i want to extract an intent from a User Sentence, and i have a C# endpoint where i receive the user’s utterance, now i want to extract the intent from this sentence. How i had done was run rasa in other machine and make a REST API call (/model/parse) and have the response back in json format. So my question is, instead of making this REST call is there a way where, if the RASA can be run on C#, so that i dont have to run it on a python server somewhere else.

No, rasa is written in Python, it can’t be run on C#. REST call is the right way to do this. We usually suggest running rasa in docker for something like this.

Thanks for the support Ella.