How to integrate RASA X to a Website

so I have RASA X deployed on a server using Docker-compose and now I want to have it running on my Website. When i test using postman by giving the RASA X server url, it doesn’t work. Can anyone guide me through the process? thanks.

@waseemakram Hello! please can you share rasa --version and what is your website?

Rasa sdk version is 2.1.2 and RASA X version is 0.34

@waseemakram please can you use rasa --version command and share screenshot

on server? RASA X is running in docker.

@waseemakram what is rasa and rasa-sdk version and or share me some docker or docker compose files.

@waseemakram Please share you website on which platform it is developed

@waseemakram Are you aware of Ngrok ?

Please answer these questions so that I can provide you better solution. Thanks.

  1. I deployed my bot by following one of your masterclass videos using docker compose. And I had it explicitly use RASA 2.1.2 version and RASA X 0.34 version.

  2. Website is in Wordpress and I’m trying to connect via RASA WebChat widget.

  3. Yes I am but If RASA X is deployed can’t I just connect it to a Website using Webchat widget?


  1. Rasa-X is different GUI and Rasa Webchat/Botfront Widget is different. I would encourage you should use rasa webchat for front end and rasa-x for training and getting the user inputs and model update.

  2. On Wordpress site its quick for me to assist and your bot will be running on your website.

@waseemakram always mention using @ and name nik202 etc for everyone for notification. Thanks.

@nik202 So I’ve tested it locally as we discussed and it’s working fine. Can you help me get it running on my server using docker? Thanks

@waseemakram congrts you cleared first level :stuck_out_tongue: give me some time and I will share you the code or even a thread, but that is only for rasa open source only.

@waseemakram the above code is running only using rasa open source right not rasa x for sure.

@nik202 Yes Its only running using RASA open source. Really appreciate your efforts. thanks :slight_smile:

@waseemakram please can I request close this thread as solution for others.