RASA X blocking websocket further connectivy


I am running RASA X locally on docker container. When it runs, it is not allowing other websocket connections from web chat applications. While web chat applications are able to communicated with RASA Open Source container over websocket port (without RASA X). Is there any configuration changes to be done to help here?

@raghabendra means you want to run both rasa x and other Webchat widget?

Yes NiK both on web socket

@raghabendra By this what you trying to archived by this can you tell me in brief?

I want to capture all the conversations that are happening with the use of chat widget over web socket and analyze them on RASA X.

@raghabendra I guess rasa x already storing all your conversation in database i.e event or rasa .db do you have that files in your project folder?

@raghabendra are you able to store the conversation in database for chat widget ?

@raghabendra Please mention me with @ and nik202 every time you reply.

I am aware of that. I am not able to connect chat widget over web socket when RASA X is already running. If RASA X is not running, chat widget is connecting fine over web socket.

@nik202 sorry missed ur message for @

@raghabendra that great you know those files. If I understand you, you have one project, and that project train and run on webchat for example rasa webchat and you want to see the webchat conversation on rasa-x is that right?

@nik202 that is correct. and that webchat connects to rasa over websocket.

@raghabendra you can change the port for this not able to connect chat widget over web socket if rasa x is running on Xyz port you can change to Webchat on abc?

for me RASA X is running on 5002 while web socket is opened on 5005. Still not connecting.

@raghabendra are you using rasa-webchat/botfront?

@nik202 yes

@raghabendra Hello again!

For your use case, I tried to replicate the process you are looking at.

Step1: I have my docker WordPress site on which my rasa webchat is rendering and it’s working fine.

Step2: On the terminal, my rasa, my action server, and rasa-x is running.

Step3: On rasa webchat, I am chatting with my bot, I can see the conversation in rasa-x whatever I am doing on the rasa front end.

Step4: I haven’t changed anything.

Is this what your use case required or do you want to add some steps? Do let me know when you are online. Cheers.!

In Rasa webchat

In Rasa-X

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@nik202 on step 2, only rasa x and action server is running for me in docker mode. Can you run rasa and then connect rasa x separately in docker mode?

@raghabendra Well these steps I run in conda environment and only my Wordpress site is running in docker and I am rendering webchat.

@raghabendra Try run it local first and then on docker container.

@raghabendra I am not expert on Rasa-X but I like you concept and use case, that’s why I experimented on my small test project.

I hope this will motivate you and encourage you. If you want something related to this process, I am here :slight_smile:

when I am starting rasa x, it is starting rasa automatically at the same time on docker container. Can this be the reason? Can you help me if you know the process of running rasa x separately on docker and connect with the rasa instance in a separate container?

@nik202 I am unable to install rasa x locally for sometime. Will also try that way. But if you have a solution for docker mode, it would be helpful in future.

@raghabendra Well I can assit you in installing rasa-x right now, share your rasa version please.

@raghabendra rasa --version