Connect Rasa x with Website

Hi there, I am thinking to connect Rasa x with website, This will help me to train my bot better. Just as we have out test user by doing the sharing. I want to achieve it via integrating with website, I am currently in Advance Deployment Workshop, this is the way I got this idea! Is this possible?

Hi @Horizon733, could you give us a bit more details on what you mean by integrating Rasa X with a website?

Hi @Horizon733, In case you used Django to build your website, you can follow this tutorial

@yennycheung I am using html and css designed website so its the simple one, just like we can do the socket io for rasa server, I want to do same thing with rasa x so that I can have a bot running on website, this will help me to get convos of users to train my bot. Else, you can also suggest me how to do with rasa server, because I was trying but the action server doesn’t give response, for this I am using webchat

Sorry, I am not using Django right now, Thanks for suggesting!