I want integrate Rasa X chatbot in a html website?

I trained my rasa x chatbot in llnux now and now I want to place in a website like all people do. can anyone please tell me the exact process for doing it.

Read the docs

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In addition to the written docs, videos 11 and 12 of the Rasa mastercall also go through deploying assistants & you might find those helpful. :slight_smile:

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It says we need our data to be on Rasa server then they will forward to required DNS but when we run on our local servers can we deploy on websites. Is it possible?

I made a html chat template where it works fine in my computer. I just zipped entire Rasa folder and shifted hosting provider but it wasn’t working there. what should I do to make it work.

It’ll probably be easiest to retrain your model in a Docker. If you’re just running Rasa (not Rasa-X) you can find instructions for doing that here.

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