Rasa and knowledge graphs

Hi! I am new to RASA, so please be kind to me if this sounds like a silly question! Can Rasa use documents like FAQs, injest them and create knowledge graphs to assist with the NLU? #knowledgebase #knowledgegraph #rasa #rasa-x #getting-started-with-rasa

Hi @ajothi,

we got some blogposts about integrating Rasa with knowledge bases: Integrating Rasa with knowledge bases

However, the process from reading documents and parsing them into a structure which can be used by Rasa has to be implemented by yourself. You could use Rasa as supporting tool, but you can’t just throw documents in Rasa and it magically handles everything itself.

Does Rasa Knowledge bases are same as Knowledge Graphs. Like people are integrating Rasa with Knowledge Graphs by the help of neo4j, TigerGraph etc… So can you clear me out what is difference between Rasa Knowledge bases and Rasa with Knowledge Graphs. And how it effects the Conversational Systems.

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@Alex1307 I’m part of the team implementing a RASA chatbot on TigerGraph. TigerGraph is a DB that contains much of the semantic knowledge in our implementation. We used it to extend the capabilities of RASA. You can statically have some of those capabilities inside of RASA but our system has billions of entities related to other entities and it’s not very practical to store a copy of those in the RASA knowledge base.

If you’re still interested in this topic I would be willing to share our project in more detail.