How to deploy my assistant on Ubuntu server?

Hello everyone!

I have finished testing my assistant locally on my computer and would like to deploy it on a server. I’ve already installed rasa on the server and can confirm that by executing rasa run the assistant is running with no problems.

My question is how do I make rasa run on server’s IP address, which is instead of localhost?

In endpoints.yml file the only option I see is for the action server, which I don’t want to change.

Please note that I do NOT want to install Rasa X, as many tutorials I’ve found suggest deploying an assistant with this method.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

You can use docker-compose to deploy your assistant. Follow this below docs to deploy Rasa Opensource Assistant:

Hey @ChikkaUdayaSai, thank you for your answer! Isn’t there a way to do this without using Docker or any third party stuff? I just want my assistant to communicate with Messenger by using the server’s IP address.

So far I was using ngrok to provide an https url inside facebook webhook settings, so I’m trying to achieve a similar result by skipping the ngrok step and going strait forward into using the server’s url.

Is this possible?

Yes of course. But you need to setup nginx server to map your server address to the rasa port (5005).