Need guidance on ways to deploy rasa NLU with action server locally to cloud VM or heroku

Hi guys/ladies , i need help on hosting my rasa bot on to cloud , i currently had a robot which uses the rest webhook (e.g webhooks/rest/webhook) to communicate with the chatbot by using google STT to send a json body as POST request. My aim is have a end point with IP address used by hosting to use for my application

Can anyone guide me best deployment method for my rasa bot with action server on to the cloud VM or heroku please .

Please assist me on this i been stuck for about 10 days or so :sob: Extra question : If i deploy Rasa X on GCP with using docker-compose , is there possible exposing the REST website api over http ?

@BELIEVEIT please see his link may be it will help your query? If still you have any issue, do let us know.

Hi , I already did this for RASA X , but I need was deploying RASA open source instead due to I will need to use rest webhook API for get response from chatbat instead .


Rasa open source with action server on GCP? or Heroku? or Just on server?

Prefer GCP , if you know about heroku deployment you can share with me too

@BELIEVEIT Check these video’s and do let me know it solving you issue or not?


Thanks btw does this method deploy action server as well ? Did u tried before ?

@BELIEVEIT Yes, Please see these video’s, I guess it have action server also :slight_smile: I haven’t tried on GCP, and on Heroku I did but I currently forgot the process :stuck_out_tongue: I am running my bot on my server using ngrok and Wordpress website.

Do let me know whilst seeing these video’s and keep smiling mate :slight_smile:

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Hi , does anyone who has exprience in docker could correct me on my mistake ? i followed this tutorial by using docker-compose to deploy my chatbot on docker containers but my chatbot is unable to response to the action server, it return a empy array when i checked with postman , i replaced all rasa file with my rasa 2.0 file accordingly . The action server worked fine locally when using anaconda to run on rasa.

Repo i reference from the video : GitHub - AmirStudy/Rasa_Deployment: Deploying Rasa Bot over Google Cloud Platform using Docker.

My rasa chatbot without docker file :

Here are the docker file i used docker-compose.yml (707 Bytes) Dockerfile (225 Bytes) nginx.conf (793 Bytes) Dockerfile(actions) (292 Bytes)