Deploying rasa open source in windows 2019 server

i am trying deploy rasa chat bot in windows 2019 server…i have changed the endpoints.yml action_endpoint: url: “http://x.x.x.x:5055/webhook” core_endpoint: url: http://x.x.x.x:5005/webhook

still running in localhost…how to run it in my server ip


This isn’t how you do it. A Rasa installation via pip install is used only for Local Mode.

To install Rasa (and Rasa X) on a server, you can deploy according to one of these options:

You will need to upload the root of your chatbot directory to a GitHub (or any Git) repository. Once Rasa X is deployed, you will connect it to that repository.

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we tried to deploy using docker compose…

this is my docker compose file version : ‘3.0’ services: rasa: image: rasa/rasa:latest ports: - “5005:5005” volumes: - ./models:/app/models - ./config:/app/config - . :/app - ./actions:/app/actions command: - run - --cors - ‘*’

    image: rasa/rasa-sdk:latest
        - ./actions:/app/actions
        - "5055:5055"

when using the command docker-compose up…its still running in local mode…i want to connect my bot from another pc using https…how can be done

@Dhivya_dth Hi, can you please format the above code for me, so that I can see and understand the code.

@Dhivya_dth May I ask what is your front end?

@Dhivya_dth Do you aware of Ngrok?

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