Help to link my own website with my deployed chatbot on kubernetes

Hello everyone,

We got a problem with the deployment. Indeed, we succeeded to deploy our chatbot using kubernetes but we wanted to add it in a html web site as “rasa-webchat” (lien github). We could do it locally but we don’t know which socket ip and socket path we have to write in the html in the chatbot is deployed.

Could you explain us how to do it ?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Hey @olivierdpn

In order for the bot to be reachable from the “outside”, you have to expose the external IP address. This is more k8s related question, you can check the guide here.

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Hello, here is all my endpoints of my kubernetes : is that alright or do i have to deploy another service ?

Here is my html, which address should i write after socketUrl ? When my bot was running in local, the chatbot was available on my site with the address localhost:5005/.

Last question, what should i put something in particular in my credentials rasa file and in my endpoints rasa file ?

Thank you really much, it’s my first time with kubernetes and I’m not sure if I understand how it works.

Regards, Olivier

Hi @degiz sir, it was bit confusing and I couldn’t find exact answer on RASA forum that how to integrate my locally trained RASA X chat bot to website. Should I Zip Rasa folder and upload to any hosting providers or any other ways to run my RASA X chat bot on publicly available website. There are no tutorials nor any documents I found. Thank you

Hey @skjainmiah

There’s a doc for Deploying your Rasa Assistant, you need to do exactly that.

You have a bot and you want your website to send messages to it via (I guess) Rest channel.

hi i am trying to deploy my rasa bot into kubernetes .Can we execute rasa run and rasa run actions in same container?Could you please suggest me?