How to declare entity in rasa interactive

I am getting error when i declare entity in rasa interactive. what is the correct format to declare?

Ex: shri: this is giving error: TypeError: expected string or bytes-like object

Hi @galandeshridhar, when typing input to the bot, you don’t declare the entities – the point is to check if the bot corectly parses them or not. so you would type in shri and then IL would say e.g. Your NLU model classified 'shri' with intent 'greet' and there are no entities, is this correct? (Y/n) and then if it missed an entity, you type n and then can declare it.

I am getting error at the time of declaring entity that is explained in above image

Can you post the logs of your whole interactive learning session?

In this Rasa Interactive session, how to declare entity? If you enter the entity in suggested format getting type error: expected string or bytes-like object.

My flow will be like this:

User: Hi

Bot: Hi, What is your name?

User: name <—entity

Bot: Nice to meet you {name}!!!

Please continue the flow until you hit the error you mentioned and post that screenshot

uploading error screen

Ah okay. Yes your formatting is incorrect. Where you have written shridhar[](name:shridhar) you want to write [shridhar](name). Check out our docs for more information about training data format.

When I enter entities in above format i get below error. I am following RASA guideline to enter entities.please look into the given images to help…

Please help to resolve… I have spent lot of time but not successful …

Hmm okay. What version are you running? We recently changed that re.sub() line, so this might be fixed already. Does this only happen when you annotate entities for a new intent? From the traceback, it looks like this has nothing to do with entities, but rather with the intent name.