Error in Rasa Train


I get below error while I train my model

File “c:\users\selvakumar raj\anaconda3\envs\cap2\lib\site-packages\rasa\shared\core\training_data\story_writer\”, line 256, in process_user_utterance entities.append(entity[“entity”]) KeyError: ‘entity’

But I couldn’t find where component is and what is wrong with my data.

I’ve upload all related files. Kindly help.nlu.yml (7.7 KB) rules.yml (244 Bytes) stories.yml (2.6 KB) domain.yml (984 Bytes)


Additional Info…I commented each and every nlu and story line that I added and I noticed that I’m not getting error when I comment the highlighted part…

I’ve defined the entities and slot in domain file and nlu files. But still it is causing error.

But still I commented out that part and trained by model and executed it using rasa interactive method. I see that rasa identifies the intent and entity correctly for newly added conversation. But as per my story, I have given the action as “action_get_contact” for that intent. But it tries to execute a different action “action_pp_remedy” which I’ve given in different stories.

Kindly help. Stuck at this point for few hours :frowning:

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This issue is now solved. After hours of debugging and searching thru Rasa docs, I was able to locate my mistake. I’ve used an entity called “role”. But role is also a reserved keyword in Rasa. I changed this entity name and now “rasa train” completed without any issues.