How to create weather bot by using the rasa x

here we are added slots too the rasa x in the file named as domain.yml . by running the tool by using the command rasa x in the ui slots tab it is showing as NO SLOTS IN THE UI it is not showing the entities list in converations tab . please give me suggestion to sort out this problems . thanks in advance.

Hi, Can you share your rasa x version and a screenshot of the issue please?

I am using rasa x version is 1.1.6 Could you please see attached Images also. I am facing issues with entities and slot in UI.

Regards, Prasanna.

There is no rasa x version 1.1.6, that is your rasa version. what is your rasa x version?

pip list | grep rasa

pip list | grep rasa the version rasa in my system is rasa 1.1.7 rasa-sdk 1.1.0 rasa-x 0.19.5

Ok, so 0.19.5, got it. Can you post your domain file?

domain.yml (768 Bytes)

this is domain.yml file

Okay. I see your issues and can look into whether or not they’re reported bugs already – can you confirm whether they persist when you re-start rasa x?

i have one doubt is rasa supports for ubuntu 16.04 LTS operating system ?.

when installing the rasa x in my system by using the command pip3 install rasa-x --extra-index-url

after running this command i am gettig the error is which i have shown by screen shot attached .

here my ubuntu operating system is 16.04 LTS and my python version is 3.6.9

I’m confused, didn’t you successfully have rasa x in stalled before?

yes i installed by using the command in another system.

pip3 install rasa-x --extra-index-url

after that only i am getting this error.

Which error? the UI error?

which i attached the screen shots of terminals.

In my system rasa not installed in my system python version is 3.6.9 and ubuntu is 16.04 LTS

Yes but why did you re-install when you already had a working version? That’s why I’m confused. You must have not gotten these errors the first time or gotten past them in order to have a working version.