Can we create slots and forms in Rasa-x?

Hi, We just installed rasa-x and rasa latest version 0.2.0 on docker container and rasa has basic code. Can i add slots and forms through rasa-x UI? if yes, how?

If i edit rasa core in docker, how will rasa x pick that model from rasa core and update back in rasa core. Please suggest or provide reference link. i am not using github repo for this and accessing rasa core from docker container itself.

Do you feel connecting to github would be more easier?

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You can do that by editing the domain file, which you can access via your favorite IDE or through the Rasa-X UI under “Training” > “Domain”.

The latest Rasa-X version is 0.37.0 and the latest Rasa version is 2.3.1. Are you sure you have the latest one?

Do you feel connecting to github would be more easier?

It’s quite great for version controll so that you’re able to have a history of your changes.

Hi, Yes i am using latest version of rasa and rasa x. I added forms n slots in domain.yml -

slots: first_name: type: text influence_conversation: true last_name: type: text influence_conversation: true responses: utter_submit:

  • text: Ok, Thanks utter_slots_values:
  • text: I will remember that your name is {first_name} {last_name} utter_ask_first_name:
  • text: What is your first name? utter_ask_last_name:
  • text: what is your last name? actions:
  • utter_car_model
  • name_form forms: name_form: first_name:
    • type: from_text last_name:
    • type: from_text

then i create rule in rules.yml -

version: “2.0” rules:

  • rule: Activate form steps:

    • intent: request_names
    • action: name_form
    • active_loop: name_form
  • rule: Submit form condition:

    • active_loop: name_form steps:
    • action: name_form
    • active_loop: null
    • slot_was_set:
      • requested_slot: null
    • action: utter_submit
    • action: utter_slots_values

and created intent request_names. Now while i ran it in “talk to your bot”, it did not ask for name and took none whereas i created utter_ask for first and last name. seems i m missing something. And neither showing slots in slots box in right side in interactive learning.

rasa X automatically adds the form name under “actions” in domain.yml. Make sure you remove it