Rasa X not working in production due to domain - Help a poor student :)

Hi, I deployed Rasa X in my production server. After training my Rasa bot locally I get no errors using the shell and all works smoothly. Problems arise when I connected the Github repo to production and I think it’s related to the Domain.yml file but I cannot figure out why it’s wrong if in my local pc works fine.

I upload my domain so you can see it.

Thanks in advance for any help

domain.yml (4.9 KB)

This is the log of rasa_x container in production:

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

rasax.community.initialise.InjectionError: Could not inject domain. Details: The slot mappings for slot ‘required_slots’ in form ‘studies_form’ have type ‘<class ‘dict’>’. It is required to provide a list of slot mappings. Please see Forms for more information.