How to create voice assistant with rasa 2.0

Hi Everyone I recently started learning rasa ,I want to use rasa in my College project so I was experimenting with rasa 2.0 ,but I am stuck on how to create voice assistant using rasa 2.0 I was following this tutorial but in this video he has created using 1.0 and I want to do using 2.0 Please help me I want don’t have enough time to complete my project.

@PankajJaisu Hi. You only want to create the Voice Chatbot for your assistant?, did you tried using 2.0 whilst seeing the above mentioned project? If you able to work on 1.0 you can later migrate to 2.0 also, you just need to start and rest will be fine.

You can even see these links for your Ref: | Build an AI voice assistant with Rasa Open Source and Mozilla tools | Rasa

Migrate 1.0 to 2.0 : Migrating your Rasa 1.x assistant to Rasa 2.0 | Rasa

Hope this will solve your issue and good luck with your college project.

I am getting following error while migrating config.yml file from 1.0 to 2.0

command:rasa data convert config

Error: ‘config.yml’ is not a path to a valid model configuration. Please provide a valid path.

Don’t worry about the config. Just create a new one yourself.

You can look at Tuning Your NLU Model.

@PankajJaisu I guess you not need to convert the config file to any version. As it will be same for your other files till you have used different policies or pipelines. I hope you got our points. The main files which you need to focus are all data files such as nlu , rules, stories then domain.yml. Rest are just basic and not required any update. Good luck!

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I have done migration and trained the model but while running it,It is showing me following error

@PankajJaisu Some are just warnings and some you need to change as mention in the errors, I will recommend just see the documentation of 2.x Ref: Introduction to Rasa Open Source

Warning are categorised as UserWarning and FutureWarnings in your case.

How you read this error: FormPolicy will be deprecated in future. It means you need to use RulePolicy if you are using Forms.

Try update the configuration files with the update polices and pipelines as shown in errors or create a new rasa project and install rasa init you will get the default setting. Even you need to update slots definition in domain.yml or if you mention in nlu examples.

I hope you get the ideas now? Till the warning not effecting your dialogue nothing to worry :wink: Good Luck!

hi, in the discord off rasa (unofficial is a explanation) if you need more help;)

Hi, I saw your solution on Discord. if you want you can create a topic as a tutorial and add it right here on the forum it will really help everyone. Or we can Collab on YouTube for a video on this topic

Great idea, but first I wanna test and change it (were needed) so it works well.