Which version of Rasa Open Source (1.x or 2.x) to choice when starting a new project

Dear Rasa community,

I had succeed the Rasa certification workshop recently based on Rasa Open Source 1.x. Now, I have to start a new project with Rasa. I know that the new Rasa Open Source 2.x has been released, but in terms of skills and efficiency I am more inclined to develop my chatbot regarding old version 1.x since this is the only version I know from now and for which there is a workshop I can refer to. Then, I may think of migrating to Rasa 2.x as soon as the project is at a good stage.

Despite these facts, would you advise me to start with Rasa 2.x and why ?

Thanks for your lights, Matthieu

I would suggest starting with Rasa Open Source 2.x (I work at Rasa, so this might be a biased opinion). It sounds like you’ve already got some experience with the tool, and the overall logic behind building bots hasn’t changed too much from Rasa 1.x. There’s mainly been a lot of features introduced to make it easier to build more robust bots. The biggest visual change is the training data format. You should be able to find a lot of information in our user guides in our documentation under the “Building Assistants” section. Looking at the changelog and migration guide is also useful.

An overview of all the new and improved features in Rasa 2.0 can be found in this blog post.

And word on the street is our workshops will be updated to 2.x in the near future :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your opinion :blush:.

Would any developer-user share with me its point of view about the difficulty of adaptation to Rasa 2.x, having only knowledge on Rasa 1.x ?