Annotate a list of user utterances instead of one at a time in Rasa X

In Rasa X, there is a functionality to “Annotate new data” (Training > NLU Training > Annotate new data > ‘+’) as shown in the picture below. But, it allows only one sentence (or user utterance) to be classified for the intent at a time. Is there a way/workaround to do the same, but for a list of sentences (say a text file containing a list of sentences separated by new line character)? This would greatly expedite the intent annotation process, especially in the projects that use only the rasa nlu.

Hey there @enigmane, is your issue that you want to upload a bunch of training data that’s already grouped into intents? If so you can do it here

with the up arrow button.

No. That is for the case of “a bunch of training data that’s already grouped into intents”. What if a bunch of unlabeled utterances? I meant to upload a bunch of new unlabeled utterances in order to annotate annotate or label for the first time, and then feed into the training data by “marking correct”.

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why can it write the file