Annotate - Correct intent: intents missing from dropdown

It seems that the “Correct intent” dropdown in Rasa X’s “Talk to your bot” and “Conversations” tab is not populated from domain.yml but from the conversations in Rasa X so far. I noticed this with the conversations migrated from my tracker store but then managed to reproduce the problem with the example bot that comes with Rasa. I created the example bot with “rasa init” and started “rasa x”, went to the “Talk to your bot” tab and started a conversation. After my second utterance, I selected that utterance and checked the content of the “Correct intent” dropdown:

It only showed “mood_unhappy” and “greet”, the two intents used in the conversation so far. I continued the conversation and later there were four intents in the dropdown:

At some point I also reloaded the page. The conversation was still there but the “Correct intent” dropdown was now completely empty:

Using Chrome on macOS.

Have filed a bug (Rasa X: Annotate - Correct intent: intents missing from dropdown · Issue #3845 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub) but maybe someone here knows of a workaround?

Thanks for writing this up in such detail! It’s on our radar and we should have a fix coming out soon.

We’ve also encountered this problem in our local Rasa X. Apparently only intents available in the imported conversations so far will show up in the dropdown list under “Conversations”. This behaviour can be replicated with the “official” import script and partial tracker store imports.

All intents (from the domain file, and training data) are available under Training->NLU Training->Training data though.

A sort of workaround is to annotate a sentence in the Conversations view and then remove the annotation to allow the sentence to be saved as a training example (the “Save” button is disabled by default, until some change is made). This sentence can then be annotated as usual in the NLU Training->Training data view (entities as well).

Edit: I’ve installed Rasa X version 0.22.2 (with Rasa 1.4.3), and the problem seems to be fixed.

@gausie is it intended behavior, that the entities dropdown list is empty when there are no training examples available? In this case all intents are loaded from the domain file, shouldn’t the entities also be loaded in this way?