How to generate Rasa X link to share with users?

Hi there

I am using Rasa X and following instructions to generate a link to share with users to test. However that link starts with http://localhost:5002/guest/… so my users cannot open it, on normal browser or incognito. What should I do? I followed Rasa instructions here

What’s the problem? Why can’t people open it?

Of course, you need to replace localhost by your IP! And your IP should be public to be available on the internet. If it is private, only people connected to the same WiFi as you can use your IP.

@ChrisRahme that is what I missed, makes sense. I am new to this, how can I add my IP instead of localhost? Is there a better way that using ngrok? thanks

If you don’t want to buy a domain name, a server, or a cloud server, Ngrok is your best solution.