How to make Rasa Chatbot accessible on Local Area Network ( LAN)

I created a simple Rasa Chat bot with html template and with localhost it runs fine in my computer but how to run in my lab where different computers connected (LAN). I shared the local host link with others in the computer lab but it doesn’t work as it is showing message " Hello from Rasa: 1.8.0 " can you please help on this. Thank you.

Hi @skjainmiah!

For local testing you can use ngrok, check out this doc for more details.

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Can we share on LAN without ngrok as I tested ngrok for sharing globally which worked fine but I want to test it within my network. Is it possible.

Sure, if your local ip is reachable from other computers, then you can.

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I shared my local ip in the format but it showing blank page with " Hello from Rasa: 1.8.0 " message. should I need to change anything.

You shared the link where your rasa server is hosted, you need a channel to talk to this server and share that channel.

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Channel in the sense, I didn’t get it can you please explain with an example.

You are talking to your bot via a GUI right? The GUI is in turn talking to your rasa server to send your messages and receive the response and show it to you. Now for this “talking to rasa server” part you have many options (like websockets, rest api) etc. These are called channels. So basically you need to share whatever GUI you are using with others. This GUI should know how to talk to the rasa server. There are many options here as well. Checkout the Messaging and Voice Channels doc for more detail.

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I got it what you said but If the system which I am running is my server and with sharable IP and port everyone should be accessed my bot. For example I hosted my chatbot on website similar to the image then whoever comes to my url they can be access my chatbot right? similarly within my LAN those who want to test my chatbot using my IP address and port can’t they access the chatbot?

Just share the link of this html file with others and they should be able to access the bot.

Not working sir , it showing "Error: Requested URL /file:///home/test2/Downloads/testingindex.html "not found

Do I need to change anything in endpoint.yml or credentials.yml ?

Ok so let me explain in a bit more detail.

Your rasa server link is a palce where you can send your messages and receive response. This link itself does not contain the GUI of the chatbot, that part you need to handle yourself.

Now that you have chosen this GUI, and you want others to access it. For that to happen you need to share the GUI with others. Since you have chosen this html page, you need to host this page somewhere (in your case on your local machine) and then share the link of the hosted page with others.

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Thank you sir.

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