Handling Facebook Messenger Bot Custom

Hi, I am working on a chatbot to integrate in facebook messenger. For now, I have a webhook event that tunel to the port 5005, where Rasa is running on my local computer. However, I want to handle specific scenarios that implies that I njeed to use my own server to receive webhook event, and then use rasa to extract intents and make prediction(when I initiate it) using rasa core. Also Is it possible to run rasa core and my own server on the same server in development (localhost). I know we can change the port. The point for me is that I need a way to receive facebook messages on my own server, with the help of rasa for nlu/core ?

It seems like it is possible to achieve this with the HTTP_API.

Thanks in afvance for your reply.

I’m not sure if I fully understand what you are trying to achieve.

As you already pointed out, you can change the port the rasa server is running on via the flag --port (Command Line Interface). If you want to predict the intent and extract entities you can use the endpoint /model/parse (HTTP API).

What else do you need? Maybe you can rephrase what you want to try. Thanks.