Deploy rasa to Heroku

Hey guys, i want to deploy my rasa chatbot i have created using python with custom actions and MYSQL database using Xampp and the other files, for example to FB Messenger of my Owen WEBSTE. how i should do that ? can some one guide me to right steps!?


Hello, did you check the docs?

here i should get the step number 6

Set up a Webhook and select at least the messaging and messaging_postback subscriptions. Insert your callback URL, which will look like https://<host>:<port>/webhooks/facebook/webhook , replacing the host and port with the appropriate values from your running Rasa X or Rasa Open Source server.

form where i can get the url ??!!

and if do what in the doc dose i need heroku??

It is said here:

If you’re on a server, you replace it with your IP or hostname. If you’re running in local mode, you can type “localhost” or you can use the URL generated by Ngrok.

According to this and this, communicating with Heroku is like using a custom REST channel.

i try the ngrok with run the credentials.yml and no longer work on fb messenger.

i don’t know what is the docker is there any others way?