How to deploy bot on Facebook messenger using Heroku

So I deployed heroku app and facebook app successfully. I have access tokens. Now tell what to do next, how I add my bot on facebook messenger. Give any tutorials or videos reference or give me some hints.

I am assusming that heroku app is your backend and you want to call its api when some intent is triggered in rasa. You can do that in your file inside rasa project. To integrate rasa with facebook you can try chatfuel.

Follow this link of the tutorial by @souvikg10 -

You can also use bot society (Tutorial by @Juste) . Here is the tutorial link -

Another thing which I have tried is sending custom payloads to facebook messenger -

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your time. I have successfully deploy bot to messenger with the help of Rasa tutorials.

Can I ask you what tutorial?

Can I ask you what tutorial you did use

If you search for rasa tutorials you can get there website, to describe how to start with rasa and all things. Also I have learn from a book “building chatbot using python” by Sumit Raj. I hope it helps.