Getting Error Going beyond ‘Hey Google’: building a Rasa-powered Google Assistant

Hey people need help, I’m following the Justina Petraityte tutorial about Going beyond ‘Hey Google’: building a Rasa-powered Google Assistant . All goes well until this decription


When I run the above command on my terminal it gives me this

can anyone help me??? @Juste @Bunny99 @jason @yashwanths112 @JiteshGaikwad @samscudder @erohmensing

Hey @Malik. The error suggests that you should configure gactions command on your command line so that when you run any commands it has the access to your google credentials. You should be able to do the necessary configuration by copying and pasting the URL you see in your command line output and following the steps you are prompted there.

hey @Juste i am doing the same, running my gactions command on my command line after that i am getting the above error , following the same steps as you mentioned in your blog…

Hey @Malik yes, but do you do what is suggested in the output of the error? Copying the URL “…” in your browser, entering your authorisation code and following any other steps it asks you to complete?

@Malik I just double checked the tutorial and at this point you have to make sure that you are connected to the same google account as you used to to create your google actions skill. So when you are doing the authorisation, make sure to select the correct google account to authorise your gactions on your command line