Forum Migration Notification

Hi everyone,

As part of our continued investment in the Rasa community, we’re migrating the community forum from it’s current home to a hosted solution provided by Discourse on 8th December 2022.

As a user, the experience will be the same - you’ll still find the forum at, all of the data will be migrated from the existing forum, and you’ll be able to login with the same credentials that you use just now. During the migration process, this forum will briefly be placed into a read-only mode to allow us to fully migrate all of the data over to the new platform on 8th December.

We want to be able to continue to support the growth of the community forum, and the easiest way for us to ensure that it remains performant and secure is to move to a hosted platform.

Only one minor thing will change - email notifications from the forum after it’s been migrated will come from instead of

We’ll update this post when the migration is complete.


This process is now complete! Please note in a slight correction to what was previously posted, email notifications from the forum will now come from

Any link for discourse login ? @rasa-jmac

Hello, there are no new or additional logins required. All we were doing was migrating the infrastructure that the forum is hosted on, but we wanted to provide advanced notice as there was a short period of downtime.